Follow my journey as I attempt to transform myself from self-confessed townie to country bumpkin!

Well it seems that leaving suburbia for the country is THE fashionable thing to do.  Tom and Barbara have left our leafy London suburbia to expand their one dog to two dogs, a donkey and several acres of vegetable garden.  Not one to be outdone, I told my darling hubby, in no uncertain terms, that we just had to move.

So this blog is the result of the musings of a rather batty townie attempting the good life. Trying desperately to keep up with the rural Joneses, my capers chart my transformation as I move from the Big Smoke to countryside idyll and often include my absurdly patient husband, teenage 4 year old, fearless toddler as well as two rather bonkers cats and a working cocker spaniel puppy named Monty. My main aim each day is to somehow weather the chaos and reach gin o’clock with some sanity intact!

I mean how hard can it be to stir up a pot of jam or make your own clothes – Barbara has been doing it for years!  My Dubarry boots and never worn Barbour will be just divine against the backdrop of the Hampshire countryside and perhaps I might even keep some chickens?!

I also blog at NFU Countryside and you can catch my adventures with our puppy, Monty, here!


13 thoughts on “About

  1. I would suggest you need to ride. Given that you are a good cook how’s about once a week try and make something WOW for darling Jerry. Knit or crochet perhaps?!?! I know someone who could teach you to fish. You could always take up painting or photography.

  2. Darling Margot: fairies and cupcakes? This all seems rather too civilised for country tastes! I think Primrose and Poppy need to get a good coating of mud in readiness for life in the wild old Shires. I propose a trip to a city farm! Time for you all to start SMELLING the good life……photos should you get there please!

  3. Dear Margot,

    Oh, I love you. And your Twitter wallpaper. I think you should contact @LadiesShooting and ask for Victoria. Not only will she give you brilliant country-living tips, but she can also introduce you to The Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club. And V and her team are always looking for fun new guest bloggers.

    Very best of luck in your countryside endeavours,

    From your fan,


  4. How wonderful! Definitely chutneys and jam making should be on the list! My husband would love this…I’m too scared to take the leap…shall be following closely though!

  5. Are regular visits back to London allowed? – for some indulgent shopping or for the ‘Big City’ atmosphere. Or must they be restricted and confined to “occasions” or just one visit each season?

  6. Can’t help but ruefully recognise myself in some of your musings … and we called our daughter Margot … ! Can say from experience that there will be some regrets … BUT they will be outweighed by the lovely stuff.

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